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By Jan Kath

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The base for Polonaise is old Persian carpets that were produced for Polish royalty. The traditional Persian designs were joined by European motifs, and the carpets even showed the crests of the rulers. Jan Kath reconstructed original colors, most of which had faded, added his own motifs, and used his signature antique finishing process.

Material: wool and silk
Technique: hand-knotted
Custom size, shape and colours

  • [NEW] Oakwood
  • [NEW] Redbridge Sky
    Redbridge Sky
  • [NEW] Eastcote Sky
    Eastcote Sky
  • [NEW] Snaresbrook
  • [NEW] Snaresbrook Tohuwabohu
    Snaresbrook Tohuwabohu
  • [NEW] Greenford Rocked
    Greenford Rocked
  • [NEW] Greenford Aerial
    Greenford Aerial
  • [NEW] Greenford Sky
    Greenford Sky
  • [NEW] Greenford Frame
    Greenford Frame