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Men's Suit

By Michaela Schleypen

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Suits you! Michaela Schleypen’s original use of hand-knotting techniques transforms traditional suiting patterns – from French checks to British houndstooth and Highland tartan – into the luxury textures of pure silk and Merino wool. Palette of browns, greys, and monochrome.

Material: Silk, Merino wool or lustre cotton
Technique: hand-tufted or hand-knotted with loop background for selected rugs
Custom size, shape and colours

  • [NEW] Tartan (hand-knotted)
    Tartan (hand-knotted)
  • [NEW] Tartan Abstract (hand-knotted)
    Tartan Abstract (hand-knotted)
  • [NEW] Abrash Men Suit (hand-knotted)
    Abrash Men Suit (hand-knotted)
  • [NEW] Rough Brit (hand-knotted)
    Rough Brit (hand-knotted)
  • [NEW] Tweed A (hand-knotted)
    Tweed A (hand-knotted)
  • [NEW] Tweed B (hand-knotted)
    Tweed B (hand-knotted)
  • [NEW] British Tartan I (hand-tufted)
    British Tartan I (hand-tufted)
  • [NEW] Heringbone Tiles (hand-tufted)
    Heringbone Tiles (hand-tufted)
  • [NEW] Herirngbone Special
    Herirngbone Special
  • [NEW] Double Houndstooth
    Double Houndstooth