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Common Threads

By Jan Kath

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Tiny, incomplete works of art, barely the size of a tissue, were the inspiration for the Common Threads collection. These embroideries from the late 18th and early 19th centuries were created by young women in Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and North America.

Material: hand-spun Tibetan highland wool and Chinese silk
Technique: hand-knotted
Custom size, shape and colours

  • [NEW] Saque 1
    Saque 1
  • [NEW] Saque 2
    Saque 2
  • [NEW] Watteau 1
    Watteau 1
  • [NEW] Watteau 2
    Watteau 2
  • [NEW] Watteau 3
    Watteau 3
  • [NEW] Volante 1
    Volante 1
  • [NEW] Volante 2
    Volante 2